Our USPs

  • Cost Efficient.
  • Better Disciplined work force.
  • No permanent liability of people.
  • Stricter adherence to timelines.
  • Quality.
Temporary Staffing

In this era of Global Competitiveness, it is imperative for companies to become cost efficient. The corporate mindset is shifting its focus from Permanent hiring to Temporary hiring by Outsourcing of Manpower. Outsourcing of Manpower has become normal phenomena among all sectors With, ever increasing business demands, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to get into the intricacies of screening hundreds of applicants and selecting the best among them. To save them from this ordeal and to concentrate on their core business, they prefer temporary staff.

Here Orion adds value by providing suitable manpower to companies. We provide short term as well as long term staffing solutions to our clients.

Why Temp staffing ??

  • Flexibility in hiring.
  • Cost and time saving in hiring process
  • No permanent liability of people.
  • Stricter adherence to time lines
  • Availability of large resume data bank.
  • Statutory obligations such as provident fund, ESIC, ¬†professional tax, etc. is taken care .
  • Hiring and Firing is easy
  • Easy and Quick solution to the attrition problems

The risk of hiring new staff has never been greater. There is little time for training, uncertainty over new employees, and risk of discovering things about employees too late. Reduce many of these risks with temporary staffing solutions

Orion is fast becoming a preferred partner for Temporary Staffing Solutions. More and more companies are opting for temporary staffing in order to retain head count, reduce employment expenses, minimize long term liabilities, and also to meet seasonal increase in business. Our In-house Payroll & Compliance Management Team ensures smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle. We aim at integrating smoothly into your business and at the same time maintain continuity of your work force.